Uber-chic: That's what your hair will look like this summer

PANASONIC INDIA / 26th Apr 2017
Uber-chic: That's what your hair will look like this summer

A short summer dress, platform shoes, a favorite pair of sunglasses, some water in your handbag and voila, you are ready for a day out in the sun! But the fancy does not usually quite sustain itself. Heat, dust & sweat decide to play bad cop all through the summer & a hindrance to our style routine.

So, before you decide to just amp it up by forming a loose bun with your hair string, let us help you by suggesting some really quick hairstyles to beat the heat and still keep the sass up and rocking!


Source: http://www.lovely-hairstyles.com

Beachy waves do it all

For those of you who sport a long bob, spicing them up with some loose beachy waves can do wonders to your summer style! Just pick the Panasonic Style Iron and wrap small bunches for a while. After that, just brush your fingers across the waves and you are ready to flaunt those beautiful locks.


Source: www.limeroad.com

The summer staple fishtail braid

Long and lustrous locks are not every woman’s cup of tea but those of us who cannot imagine parting with them and still wish to manage them in the hot and shiny summer, the fishtail braid is the summer staple to match up to the glamour of your summer style statement. Just iron your freshly washed or second-day textured hair with the Panasonic’s hair straightener and go about weaving a beautiful braid with your fingers gently.

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/bloglovin/


Uber-chic messy ponytail

If you indeed are the one who just cannot part from your hair tie, this one is for you. Just make your hair go through the magic of Panasonic Styling Brush Iron, refer to the picture above and you will be ready to step out in your hot pants and tee.


Messy or not, summer buns are all-time favorite

Source: http://www.thegloss.com/beauty/easy-updos-bun-tutorials-summer-hair-style-inspiration-pictures/

Last but not the least if you just don’t want your hair to touch any part of your neck and back, go for the messy bun and skip the sweat. Just one tip before you follow the tutorial above: after you’ve made the quintessential pony, do not forget to straighten it with the Panasonic Hair Straightener to give help maintain the steadiness of the bun.

One more fun tip, (you can thank us later):

Source: http://www.thegloss.com/beauty/easy-updos-bun-tutorials-summer-hair-style-inspiration-pictures/

Your beloved scarf can make that super easy bun look super sexy.

If you the love ideas shared above, you can always reach out to try them using Panasonic’s range of hair grooming products and tell us about them in the comments section!