Making a Mother’s Life Better

PANASONIC INDIA / 14th May 2017
Making a Mother’s Life Better

There are some words you hear that are so evocative that you can’t quite describe what you feel when you hear them. ‘Mother’ is one such word. The feelings, emotions, and memories attached with this word and the person it symbolizes, are too powerful to be expressed through language. A mother symbolizes selfless love, sacrifice, strong unflinching dedication, comfort, security, great food and so much more. Being a mother is a full time job in itself and a when a woman becomes a mother, the needs of her child trump her own throughout life. However, this Mother’s Day we’d like to help you return some of this love. Consider gifting her thoughtful presents that enable her to save time from her daily routine and allow her to pamper herself.

What makes a house a home? Is it the little collectibles and souvenirs you adorn the walls or the shelves with? Is it a little nook that you’ve created that is just yours? For a number of people, home is where your loved ones are and for many, it’s where their mother is. A mother is usually our number 1 go-to problem solver. Whether it’s something we can’t find, something we need done, or something as simple but nonetheless anxiety provoking as having a stain on our favourite white shirt that we just can’t seem to get out, we go to our mothers. Our mothers make our house a home and ensure that only the best of the best of products are there to solve our daily household problems.

If you’re looking to pamper your mother a little and solve not only yours but also her worries, and save her a little time, perhaps opt for getting the Panasonic StainMaster Washing Machine. With a new ‘Curry Mode’ feature, it’s all you need to remove those stubborn stains which refuse to get out, so now you won’t have to go to your mother for the same, and she has something that will do all the work for her. Apart from being a problem solver, a mother usually runs around making sure everything is just as it should be, handles the toughest of responsibilities, and seldom complains. Very rarely does she find the time to curl up with a good book and a comforting cup of coffee. Breakfast in bed is a luxury we all dream of but how about giving that to the one person who deserves it the most on this very special day? Make your mother eggs just the way she likes them or fluffy pancakes and take it to her with a cup of steaming coffee made with the help of the Panasonic Instant Coffee Maker.

Maintaining the essence of the coffee beans and brewed to absolute perfection, it makes the perfect cup of coffee your mother can enjoy whenever she takes a much needed break from her hectic schedule. Amidst all the hullabaloo and making sure everything is perfect for her family, vanity takes a back seat for a mother. We often tend to forget that mothers too deserve to go out, take a night off, and have fun with their friends. With the heat and humidity at an all-time high, choose from a range of convenient and easy to use Panasonic Hair Stylers that you can gift your mother so she can have her very own personal hair stylist at her disposal. It will save her tons of time and give her the hairstyles she’s always wanted. And if none of the above strike your fancy, just visit and take your pick from a number of products your mother will most definitely love. Remember, today is all about her. Here’s wishing all the mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day. You are loved and celebrated in our hearts not just today, but every day.